Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Learning about the different uses for the coconut at Uprising Resort! One of the ways to use a green coconut is to pop off the top with a machete and drink the water inside!,
After doing the best I could teaching 5th and 6th grade Math, we had the opportunity to run around with the students at Sote Village. They loved to take pictures and play duck duck goose!
A traditional way to welcome new guests to a village is through a Kava Ceremony. While most of the time it is formal and in a meeting house, for our friend Spencer's birthday we held one at our homestay in the village. This is a picture of our 'Chief' Jeremiah mixing and pouring the kava before handing out the coconut bowls for people to drink from.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Exploring Fiji!

Bula Vinaka!

As my adventure begins in Fiji my roommate Melissa Vang has done a wonderful job of recording some of our different adventures! From Uprising Resort, Sote Village, Orientation Week and the Beach House Resort, she has recorded little bits and pieces of each destination. Please visit the links below to see the best summary of my first few weeks here!

Fiji Part 4
Fiji Part 6
Fiji Part 7

Also, please check out my Instagram account for photos as I upload them this semester.

Singa la manga: no worries!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

As my departure lurks more closely, I can't stifle my excitement and anxiousness! I fly to Suva, Fiji on February 2nd to begin my orientation at the University of the South Pacific-Fiji.  I choose this university because of my affinity to learn about the island nation culture, specifically in Tuvalu.  Because of the many environmental problems in the country of Tuvalu however; Fiji was the closest island nation I could study at through a Marietta College sponsored program: GlobaLinks Learning Abroad.

I hope to keep in mind during my 5 and half months out of the USA that I have multiple support systems to keep me grounded. My family, boyfriend, friends, and amazing sorority sisters will be my anchors when I am nervous or afraid. I also need to remember to appreciate them during the exciting times, because even from millions of miles away I will continue to try to love and support them in return.

Recently, my little sister in Sigma Kappa, Caitlin Yager passed away in a terrible car accident. Out of anyone I know, she was the best at expressing her appreciation and gratitude towards others.  She was so excited for me to go on this trip to follow my dreams, and although I miss her terribly everyday that passes, I hope to push my boundaries in Fiji in honor of her fearless and beautiful spirit. So here's to you little: may I remember to appreciate those who love me even though I am oceans away & may I adventure through the South Pacific without hesitation.